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The Circle Punch Game Mp3 Download

The Circle Punch Game | David Lopez

50+ videos Play all Mix - Circle Punch Game Compilation | David Lopez YouTube; The Game of Uno | David Lopez - Duration: 10:45. David Lopez 179,329 views. 10:45. Virtual .... A game for two or more players in which one player makes a circle with his/her hand (sort of like an "OK" sign, or similar to the American Sign Language letter F) below their waist and attempts to get the other player(s) to look at it. If at least one other player looks at the person's hand in while it's making this sign below the waist, the person who got the others to look at their hand gets .... Playable anywhere, the Circle Game is initiated when one person makes a circle with their forefinger and thumb, resembling the OK gesture, and holds it below waist-level. If someone else makes eye contact with the circle, then the “circler” gets to punch them in the arm. Players especially enjoy the game in inappropriate situations, sometimes setting elaborate or creative traps for their .... The Circle Game Compilation! *you will lose* (MEME) - Duration: 2:09. Davlogs 101 Recommended for you. 2:09. BEST MEMES COMPILATION JULY 2019 - Duration: 14:32. H-Matter 7,411,411 views.. A game of peripheral vision, trickery and motor skills. The game starts out when the Offensive Player creates a circle with their thumb and forefinger, not unlike an "A-Okay" signal, somewhere below his waist. His goal is to trick another person into looking at his hand. If the Victim looks at the hand, he has lost the game, and is subsequently hit on the bicep with a closed fist, by the ...

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Have you played the circle game?
This is a rare continuation of the Circle Game. A counter-defender may defeat the counter-offender by clenching their circle around their opponent's circle-breaking finger(s) before the breaking of their circle; Like so, PROXY PUNCHING; It may be possible to award a punch privilege to another player.. Every Tuesday night these young people meet to receive help. They have been getting them selves in trouble playing this game, The Circle Game, but its become more than a game, its become an addiction.. The Circle Punch Game. Hey, I got new pants oh you did yeah check them out, David I'm looking just look at my new pants know what you're doing.. . Long road trips make for simple car games. Also, let us know who dances the best at the end of the video! This video is with: James Jensen - @jddjensen Jon Coyne - who doesn't have twitter b/c he ...

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