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3 Body Fat

 3 Body Fat. Body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat essential body fat is necessary to maintain life and reproductive functions. We ll talk about the healthy range for men and women and the limitations.

So you decided to go. Down to 10% body fat.. Awesome.. You have a really hard. Journey ahead of you,. And in this video, what i'm gonna share. With you are the three. Things you must know to get. To 10% body fat,. And these are actually the. Three things i wish i knew. When i first went on that journey,. And by the way, this is not. Some kind of mainstream nonsense. Like waist trainers,. Supplements, quick fixes,. 

Or magical diets.. This is the real stuff. That is gonna actually help. You get down to 10% body fat. That i want to share with you here. Because i want to save you the time. And the effort it took. Me and a lot of mistakes. That i made along the way,. And by the way, if you're new here,. My name is mario tomic,. And if you love fitness,. Nutrition, and personal development,. Consider subscribing,. And also make sure to hit that bell icon. To enable notifications. So you get notified. When new videos come out,. And now, let's dive into it.. So the first thing you need to know to get. To 10% body fat successfully is. You do need to know your numbers.. You do need to know how many. Calories can you eat per day. And per week to actually. Stay in that caloric deficit,. Which is the most important thing. When it comes to actual weight loss,. And then, to optimize that weight loss,. You do want to also figure out your macros. So you know how much protein. You need to eat per day. And then how you respond. With the carbs and fats.. Maybe you respond better. To high carb or low carb. Or even keto in some cases.. Now after you figure that out,. You also want to figure. Out your meal frequency.. Maybe you're like me,. And you respond to eating. Two to three meals per day,. And you actually like to. Have an eating window.. Like, i love intermittent fasting,. Where i'm actually eating only. Within an eight-hour window,. And then i'm fasting. For the rest of the day.. So i usually skip breakfast,. And i eat my first meal. Around noon and then my last. Meal around seven to eight p.m.. 

So this works really well. For me, and maybe for you,. You can even compress that. Window to be six hours,. And this actually helps a. Lot with hunger management. When you're going down. To that 10% body fat. So you're not as hungry.. So it helps you stick to the diet.. Now, when it comes to calories. In general and these numbers,. I know there's many diets out there.. I know in the mainstream they. Say calories don't matter,. And you don't need to worry. About any of these numbers. That i'm just mentioning here,. And i've done these approaches.. I've done these types of approaches. Where they just give you a list of foods.. They tell you eat these. Foods, don't eat these foods,. But what they're really doing is. They're just trying to put. You in a caloric deficit. Without telling you that you. Need to be in a caloric deficit. Or without even telling you the numbers.. So it's kind of deceiving you in a way,. 

And i personally love to know the data.. I'm a data type of guy.. I don't particularly like to. Micromanage every little bit,. But i want to know what i'm doing.. So even though this may. Seem a bit more complicated. On the surface and when. You first start out,. Once you figure out your. Calories and your macros,. It's a very liberating thing,. Especially when you apply that. With intermittent fasting.. You just have a much better. Awareness of food in general,. And it's gonna actually help. You get to 10% body fat.. So the second thing. You need to know to get. To 10% body fat is. You need to know the 80/20 nutrition rule,. And the 80/20 nutrition rule is this.. 80% of your calories, now. That you've figured out. What amount of calories you have,. You want to spend those. Calories on whole, healthy,. Unprocessed foods that keep you. Full, that keep you healthy,. Very nutritious,. And then only the. Remaining 20% can be spent. On more processed food, on more junk food,. Or other things that you. Want to include into the diet. If you want to, and this is. Really, really important.. 

If you fail to do this,. What's going to happen,. People figure out their. Calories, their macros,. And once they know that you can. Pretty much include any food. And still lose body fat,. You can eat 50% of your diet. From processed foods and. Still lose body fat if you're. In a caloric deficit, many. Start applying this knowledge. In the wrong way, and they get. Closer to get 10% body fat.. Now they start cheating on their diet.. Now they're super hungry.. Cravings are through the roof,. And this exactly happened. To me when i first figured. Out the macros thing,. And i don't want you. To fall for this trap.. Make sure to apply that. 80% of your food comes. From healthy food so. You don't wire yourself. For all these bad food habits. Because the cravings work like this.. The more you eat that type of food,. The more you're gonna crave that food,. And the only way to get rid of. That is to reduce the amount. Of food and actually even. Sometimes starve the cravings.. As you get closer to 10% body fat,. I even recommend tightening this up. So 90% of your food comes. From whole, healthy,. Unprocessed foods and only. 10% of your food comes. From those processed foods and desserts,. And things like that, and. I would even window this. Into only the weekends and. Desserts maybe after dinner. And things like that,. Where you want to spend. Those calories strategically. So you're not eating junk. Food every single day,. And this is gonna help you a lot. Because you're not gonna be as hungry,. And you're gonna have the highest chance. Of reaching 10% body fat.. Now the third thing you must have to get. To 10% body fat successfully. Is you must have patience. With the body fat loss process.. You don't want to be losing. Anywhere more than 0.5 to 1%. Of your total body weight per week,. And i see so many guys make this mistake.. 

They try to cheat the system.. They try to find the ultimate. Hack to speed things up.. They add a ton of cardio.. They jack up their activity.. They're undercutting their calories.. They're under eating,. And what happens is they get super hungry.. Cravings are through the roof.. They start cheating on their diet.. They start looking flat.. They're losing muscle.. They're getting weaker,. And the whole thing. Becomes very unsustainable,. So they fall off track,. And they go back up to 15 or 20% body fat.. If you want to get down to 10% body fat,. You're facing a lot of challenges,. And one of the big. Challenges will actually be. Water weight retention.. Some weeks, you'll have. A flat scale number,. And if you don't have patience,. If you don't trust the numbers,. That's why you have the. Numbers to begin with,. You're actually gonna. Start cheating on the diet. Or adding too much cardio. Because you think things are working,. While in fact you're losing body fat,. But the water weight. Retention is keeping you there. At that same number on the scale,. And this is why you have. To trust the process.. You have the have the patience.. Also, when i'm saying 1%. Of body weight per week,. This is on the high end of body fat.. If you get closer to 10% body fat,. And when you get 12 or 13,. You actually want to get. To 0.5% of body weight loss. Per week and no more than that.. So if you're 180 pounds,. And you want to lean down,. And you gotta lose 10 pounds,. 

You're looking at 0.9. Pounds per week as a target.. So you don't want to. Go any faster than that. Because it's gonna become unsustainable,. And you're gonna have all. These negative effects. That i mentioned, like. Hunger cravings, muscle loss,. And all the other stuff.. So you do want to follow the right rates,. Follow the process, know your. Numbers, obey the 90/10 rule,. And you will actually. Get there successfully.. That is what i want to share. With you here in this video.. Let me know in the comments. Below if you find this helpful.. I'm also gonna leave a. Video here at the end,. Which you can check out,. Which is gonna help you. On your journey, and i will. See you in the next video.. 

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Essential body fat is a base level of fat that is found in most parts of the body. Body fat includes essential body fat and storage body fat. The body fat percentage bfp of a human or other living being is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass multiplied by 100.

25 3 body fat women.

When they take their clothes off at a weigh in however all the other guy get the immediate urge to go home. We ll talk about the healthy range for men and women and the limitations. The amount of essential fat differs between men and women and is typically around 2 5 in men and 10 13 in women. 25 3 body fat women.

This page has many information about 3 body fat. It is based on the Jackson-Pollock 3-point method and is reasonably accurate for most people. This method, however, as almost all popular skin fold methods, tends to underestimate body fat levels in very lean bodybuilders. To perform each measurement: Using the tips of your thumb and forefinger pinch the skin in the area to be measured.. Design: Body fat was measured in subjects from 3 ethnic groups (white, African American, and Asian) who were screened and evaluated at 3 universities [Cambridge (United Kingdom), Columbia (United States), and Jikei (Japan)] with use of reference body-composition methods [4-compartment model (4C) at 2 laboratories and dual-energy X-ray .... Obesity classification is a ranking of obesity, the medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it has an adverse effect on health. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies obesity by body mass index (BMI).BMI is further evaluated in terms of fat distribution via the waist–hip ratio and total cardiovascular risk factors.. Body fat percentages for women fall under a few different categories. Some charts will divide the percentages by categories, such as athletes and acceptable ranges, while others divide the ranges .... Body Fat. Lower than 40.3% of Bodywhat users 7.4 /10. Sexy Index. Rate up ( 0) Rate down ( 0) Looking better than 78.9% of Bodywhat users Please don't take this too seriously. 4.1 /10. Muscle Index ....

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