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3 Month Body Transformation Female

 3 Month Body Transformation Female. But if you want to sculpt tone and firm your entire body including those pesky trouble spots this is your ultimate blueprint. Hello this is my sister vasilena and this is her insane female 3 months body transformation.

Hey y'all i'm amber and today i'm gonna. Be coming a child with a video that has. Been highly requested a lot of y'all. Have been asking me to do a video on my. Weight loss obviously or if you didn't. Know i have a lot of sway and i've lost. Like 30 pounds and a lot y'all can tell. That i have lost weight so y'all been. Asking for videos umm so i'm just gonna. Do like a sit down video initially just. Telling y'all kind of like what i did um. As far as eating the gym just staying. Motivated i'm gonna try to stay on track. And i'm gonna try to not make this video. Too long so yeah i have a list of my. Phone that should be able to keep me on. Track so i can give y'all some. Beneficial tips so yeah i'm just gonna. Start and we'll see where we go from. Here so basically i started my like. Really serious consistent fitness. Journey at the end of august i just. Decided that i wanted to feel better and. Look better and be more comfortable in. My own skin so i decided to take it. Really serious of course throughout. College and all that stuff i did have my. Moments about this in the gym but i just. Was never really consistent and in. College i like definitely gained the. Freshman 15 20 25 like college and my. Most previous weight was the heaviest. I've been in high school i was pretty. Like average smaller frame you know so. Yeah i decided that i didn't really like. The way i looked anymore like i did like. The way i looked if i was angling all. That good stuff like if i could work. With my ankles really well but i wanted. To be able to feel comfortable so that's. Basically a little backstory of why i. Want just my finished journey i know a. Lot of y'all and a lot of people in my. Everyday life or like you need to lose. Weight but at the end of the day um if. You're trying to gain or lose weight or. Whatever you're trying to do do it for. You and not for anybody else i mean. People are gonna have their opinions. Regardless but it at the end of the day. We're doing if you're doing it for. Yourself that's really all that matters. So i'm gonna go ahead and start with. Basically my diet and nutrition and. Stuff like that and how went about that. I eat really clean so basically whenever. I go to the grocery store i'll try my. Hardest to shop outside of the aisles. Really the only thing i go inside the. House to get is like gently but. Otherwise i buy all my fruits and. Veggies and meats and stuff like that. I've never really liked meal prepping. But this time when i started my fitness. Journey i felt like no prepping was. Essential because i don't really like. Leftover so much but when you milk prep. It's way easier to stay on track and not. Make excuses so really if you have the. Food in the refrigerator already there's. You like you would just be playing. Yourself if you go out and get something. Different. So i made sure to milk rib i like to. Meal prep two times a week just because. I said i don't really like leftovers. That much how do you like monday and. Then i'll do like wednesday or thursday. 

Just a my so my food isn't sitting in. The refrigerator too too long because. Like i said i don't like leftovers that. Much also when you're grocery shopping. Try new things but also make sure to buy. Things that you like don't buy food and. Try to meal prep food that you don't. Even like just because you see the next. Person you hit because at first i was. Trying to eat salmon and stuff and you. Know i hate salmon oh so i'll be. Force-feeding myself i'll get real sick. Of it and i was like okay amber you got. To find other things you'd like i don't. Eat any sweets or anything like that. During the week my only cheat meal is. Typically on saturday for those like. Last two weeks in august that's when i. Was kind of like playing myself and i. Was like eating really clean stuff and i. Was going to the gym consistently but i. Just wasn't really seeing progress and. Then when i changed it to one cheat meal. And basically in september that's when. The weight started to drop more and by. December i had lost 30 pounds what other. Tips that i have about so yeah i know. Some people they like to count macros. And count their calories i decided not. To come on my cursos i've tried that. Before and it worked but it didn't work. Long-term for me like mentally it was. Just draining. I don't like count my macros but i do. Kind of know why my friends are and i do. Around about how many calories i eat but. I don't overwhelm myself with keeping. Track of every little thing i do still. Weigh out my proteins and stuff like. That i definitely wasn't eating heavy. Like carbs like a lot of bread and rice. And pasta but in the morning i would. Have low calorie toast with my breakfast. But otherwise majority of my cars did. Come from like fruits and vegetables so. Most of my meals consisted of just. Protein and heavy vegetables so i would. Weigh out my proteins like three or four. Ounces of protein my veggies i just kind. Of like do me because it's a vegetable i. Really feel the need to weigh out my. Veggies i don't eat any sweets or any. Type of cheating meals during the week. If i ever have a sweet tooth i know it's. Probably sounds wet but i'll just eat. Like watermelon or great those are. Really sweet fruits most of the time so. That it's like a lot of times you will. Be around other people who are living. Normal lives normal lives where they're. Not eating super clean during the week. So y'all know me if you watch my blogs i. Always and bring in my food with me. Especially if i'm going out and about. During the week i'll bring my food with. Me my meal preps bring bananas at the. Club ciao like you just have to stay. Ready and be prepared and you really. Just have to be disciplined and you. Really just have to think about the. Long-term people will tell you like curl. You if you just eat one thing fries. Ain't gonna make you gain ten pounds. Which is true but if you live by that. And you continue to do that you won't. See any progress it's just better to. Keep that discipline so that you don't. Fall into temptation just learn how to. Say no to other people and say no to. Yourself so then that's pretty much all. I have about foods that i can think of. Off the top of my head so your food is. One big part like a major part of. Whether you're gonna see progress but. The gym is also another part so i. Definitely have been super consistent. Going to the gym i go to the gym six. Days a week. 

I do strength training and cardio five. Days of the week and then on sunday i. Just do cardio and then saturday's my. Rest day i like to go to the gym around. The same time if possible just because. Like i said i do. Like the consistency when i first. Started going to the gym even if i. Didn't feel like going i would make. Myself get up and go because you just. Have to tell yourself you'll have a rest. Day but staying it so going in the gym. Girl and get it done because either way. You're making habits and so if you get. In the habit of saying i don't feel like. It today and you don't go who knows you. Might not feel like going for a weekend. You just don't go so you need to get in. The habit of telling yourself now i'm. Gonna go ahead put this work in i'm only. Gonna be there for an hour hour and a. Half whatever the case may be and then. I'm gonna be done from the start i. Always did weight training and cardio. Initially um when i really wasn't saying. Much much progress i was doing the. Stairmaster every single day for about. 20 to 25 minutes and i mean i get a. Great sweat and doing the stairmaster i. Actually do the stairmaster more now. Because like i said i'm trying to. Maintain my own weight but i get a great. Bird a great sweat i mean the stick i'm. Not saying the stairmaster and gonna. Putting the work in. But just for me personally it just. Wasn't like putting in that super work. So monday was in friday it's a. Lower-body day and then tuesday thursday. Is normally my upper body days and then. Like i said sunday i'll just do cardio. And then monday through friday i do. Cardio like i'm not a big fan of cardio. I would prefer to go in stairmaster than. To get on the treadmill though so i was. Like if you could have my comfort zone. And i actually don't run on the. Treadmill. I put the incline all the way up to 15. 

And then i walk come in at four point. Five four point seven and five for like. 30 to 45 minutes now but when i first. Started i was putting ink line up to 15. And then i would walk on the treadmill. And like initially probably like 3 or. 3.5 um speed and welcome there from like. 20 to 25 minutes and every time i miss. Our double endurance i increase my time. Frame 5-minute or increase my speed a. Little bit just so i can you know keep. Making progress let's say if i'm on. There for 45 minutes i'll burn like 700. Calories so yeah every single day i made. Sure to get on the treadmill and another. Thing with cardio. Is if you hate cardio is sometimes gonna. Be really hard to stay motivated and. Stay on that treadmill but she really. Said this all to yourself. I found myself a lot of times still um. Talking to myself in my head of course. Now i just like screaming up in myself. Out loud in the gym but i'm talking to. Myself and motivating myself i'm like i. Saw this post on like instagram or. Something that was like well you have 20. Minutes left on the treadmill and you. Just tell yourself that's like five. Minutes four times but literally is like. Stuff like that self motivation is like. Honestly the best listen to some good. Music. Try not to be on your phone in the gym. I'm never really on my phone in the gym. I want someone touching my phone is to. Find a song maybe or to change the song. But there was i'm like in my low zone so. Yeah i feel like that's pretty much it. That i can think of off the top of my. Head right now just set realistic goals. For yourself try to stay focused stay. Motivated. 

Also another thing that i did that you. May or may not want to do just so i can. Keep track of my progress is take. Progress pictures i didn't take as many. As i should've but i encourage you all. To take lots of progress pictures and i. Also weighed myself every single day. Especially at first because i just. Wanted to make sure that i was eating. What i should be eating to lose weight. So yeah i just make sure to weigh myself. And kept track of my weight yeah so. Basically my journey started in august i. Started seeing like real change in. September so like october november. December and december i had lost like 30. Pounds and it was a great feeling i feel. Great with myself i'm still definitely. Going hard in the gym eating super clean. And trying to reach other goals at this. Point but yeah i hope this video was a. Little bit helpful a little bit. Informative i hope you all were able to. Stay on track with what i was saying. It's not soot all over the place let me. Know of any other fitness related or gym. Related videos you'll want to see. I know y'all want to see me in the gym. And i'm trying to do that but a lot. Comes with i'm filming in the gym let me. Know any sort of fitness videos you want. To see cuz i do want to try to start. Getting these out there for y'all. Because i know that i have helped. Motivate some people so yeah that's. Pretty much all i have to say. Now that i can think of like i said. Before if you want me to do an official. Qa let you know about down below and if. Enough people say they want to see it. I'll do that for y'all and make a whole. Q&a video so like yes i hope y'all. Enjoyed this video i hope it was helpful. I'm gonna try to get y'all more fitness. Related food related gym related type of. Videos on this channel yes i enjoyed. Making this video for y'all but that is. It so i will see y'all in my next video. 

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2 475 Likes 222 Comments Sarep Bbg 2 0 4th Round Sarepbabyy Fitness On Instagram Yay To Transformation Body Fit Girl Motivation Fitness Inspiration from

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