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3 Sets Of 10

 3 Sets Of 10How's it going everyone so today i'm. Going to talk about three sets of 10. Verse 5 sets of 5 so before i get. Started please subscribe to my channel. If you guys haven't already i do. Appreciate the support it helps my. Channel grow also if you're interested. In online personal training for me. Simply comment below in the comment. Section i will get back to you guys with. More details. Now this is a question i can get quite. Often from subscribers they want to know. Which one is better. 3 sets of 10 or 5 sets of 5 repetitions. Now what if i told you that there is no. Magical rep range and that in order to. Maximize your muscle that you should use. Multiple rep ranges and set ranges. Here's why you should do that the reason. Is because our muscles adapt to whatever. 

We give them if you only train in the 3. Sets of 10 repres then you're only. Working those muscle fibers you're not. Really working your fast-twitch muscles. Fast which muscles are worked when doing. Low reps and slower twitch muscles are. Worked during higher reps now when. Trying to build a greek body you're. Going to want to train anywhere from the. 1 rep upwards of 25 reps in my opinion. Doing anything more than 25 reps is kind. Of pointless there is a certain number. Where if you do any more it is kind of. Pointless so any thing around that 20-25. Rep range is going to be kind of. Pointless it may be okay to do 50 reps. Once in a while but once in a while in a. Month but doing it month to month in a. Training plan is probably not needed you. Guys so what i would do now when. Constructing a program is i would start. Off doing a low number of sets and a. High amount of reps i would do a full. Body training program as well the reason. For this is because high frequency is. Key for building muscle you guys more so. Than hitting it once with high volume. Now with a full body training program. You can do a ton of sets so what i would. Do is i would train in the 20 rep range. For two to three weeks doing one set per. Exercise the next two to three weeks i. Would training the 15 rep range but i. Would do two sets now that in the next. Two three to week two to three weeks i. Would do 10 reps and again i would do. Three sets so it increased the sets next. Two weeks i would do five reps and then. 

Four sets so as you can see the sets. They start off low but the rex high as. The sets come up the reps come down low. Until the sets are high and the reps are. Low you guys this is how i train and i. Love it when my reps go down my sets go. Up and my volume stays quite similar. Throughout even though i am increasing. Weight and hitting different muscle. Fibers you guys this is a form of. Periodization and there's lots of. Different ways to train you can train. With conjugate periodization non linear. Periodization lean your periodization. But you need some form of periodization. If you're not a beginner even even if. You're not a beginner you can train like. This and still see amazing gains so. Again let's say if you are a beginner. You can still train like this and get. Gains if you're not a beginner then. You're gonna want to train like this. Where you have some form of. Periodization so end of video thank you. Guys so much for watching please. Subscribe to my channel if you haven't. Already please like the video and share. Thanks again. 

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