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5k Running Plan For Beginners Pdf

 5k Running Plan For Beginners Pdf. If you have specific goals contact antonio to get coaching on creating a customized training program to help you run your strong est. The aim of this first two weeks is to give you.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel or. Welcome if you're new here today's video. Is all about how i started running in. The past month and a half that's. Literally all it's been how i started. Where i am now how i got here tips. Essentials how would i use all of the. Information about running because i. Recently did my first 5k since like i. Did one in middle school right here. I was number 421 i what i was really. Happy about and the reason i felt like i. Could make this video was just because. My goal for the run was to not stop. Running obviously i was jogging that was. My time so i was jogging in a very slow. Pace a dog passed me but that is okay. Because i didn't stop i didn't walk and. That was the first 5k i've ever done. 

Running the whole thing it was actually. Technically like 3.4 miles the race had. It wrong but whatever so it all kind of. Started it with thanks to my boyfriend. Joshua i don't talk about him enough on. This channel but i'm gonna give him a. Little shout out he's the one who got me. To start running he wanted me to start. Running actually last summer cuz he does. Cross-country with the school he's a. Runner he loves to run and try to get. Meet her in last summer i said okay baby. Never happened but in may i decided okay. Let's try it you know i was. Experimenting with new workout things i. Was getting into bar and yoga i was like. I need to do some cardio let's try it. So we met one morning before school when. I was feeling really motivated before. School like at 7 a.m. we ran a mile and. I was like okay i know i can jog a mile. But that's all i can do and he goes no. You can jog two miles and i said no i. Literally i'm gonna die at one mile so. We ran a mile and i was like okay i'm. Dying i need to take a break so i took a. Five-minute break and then we ran back. The other mile i was actually really.

 Impressed that i could even run the two. Miles very slow i was out of breath i. Was not running in a good running. Condition at all but i was really proud. Of myself for just getting out there and. Doing it and the next day or like the. Next week we tried it again he's like. Okay hanna this time we're gonna do it. Two miles. But no stops no break and i said i can't. Do that. And he goes if you tell yourself you. Can't run the two models. You're not gonna be able to run the two. Miles and that's when it hit me is. Readiness so much about mindset and if. You talk to runners like they'll tell. You - if it's all about mindset and like. If you're in the wrong mindset while. Riding like when i'm like oh my gosh. This is it's so hot outside i'm running. For so long let me take a break that's. When it's over you like lost to your. Mind eventually i got up to where i ran. Three miles straight with him and i was. Like this is insane okay and then i ran. The 5k without stopping so that's where. Kind of like my progression in the month. Past month and a half i'm not even. Thinking i could jog a mile without. Stopping - running three point four. Almost three and a half miles without. Stopping so a big part for me too was. The why and i talked about this with all. My habit and morning routine videos the. Why it's why i wanted to start running. Was really because i'm moving to. Nashville this fall and i wanted to be. Able to run around campus i wanted to. Knock out his breath when i'd be walking. To my college classes across campus you. Know i wanted to just have a better. Cardiovascular system because i loved. Strength training i loved building. Muscle all of that but cardio has just. Always been the depth of me but not. Anymore okay. So that's kind of my story how i did it. So now i like some tips for you guys and. My essentialist first thing is to figure. Out your why like i said - i wanted to. Run in nashville i wanted to run this 5k. On the beach figure out why you're. Wanting to start running it could be. Losing weight it could be as a form of. Meditation it could be to run the race. With your friend with your boyfriend. Girlfriend whatever your y is figure it. Out number two just start start with. Half a mile start with walking a mile. 

Start with walking then jogging half of. A mile like just figure out where you're. At and start you can also get an app. There's apps called like couch to 5k i. Didn't do one of these because since i. Was working out previously i felt like i. Was a little bit above you know the. Couch level like i was working out two. Or three times a week with strength. Training like i just got out of tennis. Season so i was i'm i was in shape just. Not running shape so i was like we're. Not gonna start with walking a mile i'm. Gonna start with jogging it so that's. Just where i was at for to figure out. Where you're at and start there and then. It's all about the mindset like i said. So figure out what's gonna motivate you. While you're running running whether. That's music sometimes i don't feel like. Listening to music when i won't run if i. Just any more of a casual run i listen. To a podcast and that's what i do. Joshua my boyfriend he likes to talk. While running i can actually can't do. That i like to listen to my motivational. Podcast a little tip for you guys is. What i'm running i sometimes will get. Bored with the podcast if they're. Talking too slow we're going on and on. And i'm like okay talk about something. Interesting i need to get my mind off of. Running so what i do is i put the speed. Of the podcast on 1.15 i do that through. That app cast box and that way it's like. Talking at a faster pace and so they're. Kind of talking more at a speed that i'm. Moving at so that's a little tip but. Also when i want to do like hardcore. Running like for the 5k race i wanted to. Be like really on top of it you know. Keep going really inspired was like 90. Degrees on the beach uphill it was a. Tough run let me tell you that so i made. A playlist the night before i went. Through and added all my favorite. Motivational songs like we got rap we. Got greatest showmen soundtrack we got. Girlboss hits like i had all of my. Favorite motivational songs in this. Playlist i also did a vision board if. You guys seen this so my goal is to be. Like running out ten miles that's a. Really big goal first i'm gonna try to. Reach five miles but like i said i. Wanted to be able to run around. Nashville and stuff so that was my goal. I made a running vision board in my. Vision book and just really having that. Mindset going into running that you can. Do this and the only thing limiting you. Is your mind your body is strong you are. Stronger than you think and keep going.

Even when it feels like you quit and. Then another tip is to actually be doing. Strength training too so if your goal is. To be a runner and to run and lose. Weight that way that's awesome but every. Once in a while try to throw in one day. You know that fourth workout where are. You do strength training because if you. Build up your muscles in your legs your. Legs are gonna get tired less on rutan. So have a leg day you know my arms i. Remember that first time i ran with josh. My arms were so sore by the end of the. Run and i was like okay i need to work. On my arm muscles so i'm not getting. Distracted by my arms being sore while. Running you know if you have good ab. Support you know you can hold in your. Abs that's gonna help you you know. Prolong and how help you with breathing. So working out strength training your. Other muscles is gonna help you with. Your cardio - and of course stretching -. Doing yoga and stretching you need to. Give your body rest as well especially. If you're not used to running or high. Cardio. Things okay so those are my tips and now. I'm going to show you guys all my. Essentials like my favorite products. Where i tried running without correct. Running shoes like five times and it was. Miserable and then i actually got. Running shoes i invested in myself and. It's a life saver so first i'm gonna. Talk about this you guys probably saw. Them in my instagram picture these are. My running shoes i love those are so. Cute so like i said i did not have good. Tennis shoes because whenever i do. Workouts like bar pilates yoga i do that. All barefoot so i didn't really have. Workout shoes so i had some lululemon. Gift cards from graduation and i. Invested in these these are the brand a. Pl but lululemon cell sells them so. They're made for running they're really. Good for just like casual wear to like. Just wearing them walking on the streets. I love them this is the dusty rose color. They are a little pricey there i mean. Most good running shoes are but they. Were a hundred and sixty-five dollars so. Yes thank goodness i had the gift cards. But if you're looking to invest in a. Tennis shoe that you can wear running. And you can wear you know around town. Like they're cute and you can wear them. With leggings and you know run to the. Grocery store then these are such great. Shoe so cute as well oh tip go up in a. Size are normally a size like seven. 

Seven and a half but i got these in a. Size 8 and they fit really well so go a. Size up these are a lifesaver if you do. Like listening to music or podcast or. Something when running i you obviously. You're gonna need some headphones these. Are the air pods by apple i love these. Things not just for running i got them. Before for work and school one of the. Best apple investments obvi honestly. It's just so nice not have a cord like. Wrapped around you strangling you when. You're trying to run that's just we. Don't need that like i said i like to. Use a few different things on my phone. When i run so i always take my phone i. Listen to music or i listen to a podcast. And what i do is i use the app run. Tastic this was recommended to me by. Joshua and i just use the free version. But if you get the pro version it tells. You like every mile or kilometer that. You hit and i love it too because it it. Shows you your the map of when you ran. So like what i ran by the beach it. Shared the beach i'm not sponsored then. Guys i wish i was they want to upgrade. To the pro version but this is just. Literally what i do and i also. Because if you have friends that run are. On the app you can follow them and it's. Like a social media feed and then guys. During my first few runs i'd be holding. My phone running listening to my music. Or whatever and that was just a pain in. The butt my phone would get all sweaty. And slip out of my hand and crack even. More it just wasn't a good thing so i. Didn't want the armband because i hear. That those are annoying and they fall. Off and make you feel unbalanced you. Know where you put your phone and get. The armband so i bought this little. Fanny pack runner spani pack i bought it. On amazon i'll link it below it's. Perfect it just has two pouches one big. Pouch right here holds the 6 plus 7 plus. 

Foam that size phone. Perfectly um you can also add a wallet. Or like a credit card in here there's. Also a little pouch here i'll put like. My ear pods in and then of course i love. Having a cute workout clothes so i. Invest in my sport cup clothes that are. Breathable sports bras that support so. If you're really trying to get into. Running obviously you don't have to buy. All this equipment like i bought these. Things little by little once i got into. It i started out just having nothing and. Realizing it sucked so i started behind. Stuff but you know you may not need all. This things you may need more you never. Know so that is how i got into running. That is how i started i hope you guys. Found this video helpful maybe some of. You guys are runners you're probably. Better than me so leave a comment down. Below on your tips i would love to read. Them because i'm growing and pursuing. And trying to run you know three times a. Week at least so that's my goal for the. Summer and i will see you in my next. Video bye. You. 

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The aim of this first two weeks is to give you. Priscilla decastro created date. Beginner 5k training plan.

Repeat 3 times rest easy run 1 min walk 1 min.

Priscilla decastro created date. Priscilla decastro created date. Walk easy 30 min. 1 5km try not to walk if you can easy run 2 mins walk 2 to 4 mins.

This page has many images about 5k running plan for beginners pdf. 5k Training Plans: Couch-to-5k down to 16 minute training plans. Welcome to the 5k training plan section. 5000 meters, 3.1 miles, or perhaps 16404 feet…whichever way you want to define the distance, the 5k race distance is an ideal running challenge for beginners and pro’s alike.. Run 3 min. Walk easy 30. Run 9 min. Walk 1 min. Repeat 3x. Walk easy 30. Run 10 min. Walk 1 min. Repeat 2x. Run 8 min. Run 11 min. Walk 1 min. Repeat 2x. Run 6 min. Rest Day 29 Day 30 Day 31 Day 32 Day 33 Day 34 Day 35 Run 12 min. Walk 1. Repeat 2x. Run 4 min. Walk easy 30 min. Run 13 min. Walk 1 min. Repeat 2x. Run 2 min. Walk easy 30. Run 14 min.. From zero running to a continuous run of 5k or 3 miles. Additional, optional goal Your first 5k race Plan duration 8 weeks This training schedule assumes that you are completely new to running, or returning to running after a long layoff (please see the notes on page 3 before starting). The aim of this first two weeks is to give you. Nike Run Club Guided Run: 5 Minute Run or RECOVERY RUN: 5:00 Nike Run Club Guided Run: First Speed Run or SPEED RUN: Intervals / 8 x 1:00 5K Pace / 1:00 recovery between all intervals Nike Run Club Guided Run: 7 Minute Run or RECOVERY RUN 7:00 Nike Run Club Guided Run: Next Speed Run or SPEED RUN: Intervals / 5:00 Warm Up / 1:00 5K Pace / 2:00 10K Pace / 1:00 5K Pace / 2 x 0:45 Mile Pace / 2 .... Long run: 2km Easy run 5 mins, walk 3 mins. Repeat 3 times Rest Easy run 1 min, walk 1 min. Repeat 10 times Rest Long run: 1.5km (try not to walk if you can) Easy run 2 mins, walk 2 to 4 mins. Repeat 5 times Rest Rest Easy run 7 mins, walk 2 mins. Repeat 3 times Rest Long run: 2km Easy run 7 mins, walk 2 mins. Repeat 3 times Long run: 5km (or RACE!).

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