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6 Week Fitness Challenge

 6 Week Fitness Challenge. Full body sculpting workout 30 minutes of easy cardio. Sticking to a 6 week workout plan was hard but i did it. Hello so we are finally in the new year. And this will be my second video of the. New year and i do new year's resolutions. Every year kind of it's always the same. Thing i just want to go to the gym more. Eat healthcare and you know like get. More in shape i'm sure everybody has the. Same angle almost every year but i'm. Actually gonna hold myself accountable. And film it that way i actually have to. Do it so to break down this video this. Is going to be my week one i'm gonna. Attempt to do a six week health and. Fitness challenge that's a long time six. Weeks is a very long time so i'm hoping. It will kind of like helped me build new. Habits i know i'll go to the gym one. Week every day and then the next week i. Won't be as consistent so i'm trying to. Like build up that consistency a little. Bit more and the challenge that i'm. Doing is i'm gonna try to go to the gym. In the morning starting tomorrow i'm not. A morning person but i heard it's the. Best workout that you can get so let's. Try it and when i tried doing yoga every. Morning i actually really liked it and. Of course i haven't really done it since. I'm gonna start going to the gym in the. Morning and i've come up with a meal. Plan that actually follows my macros i. Don't usually count calories there. Anything i just have a general idea of. What i'm supposed to be getting. Throughout the day on my fitbit i kind. Of tracked them when i first got it and. Then i forgot about it and don't do it. Anymore. So i'm gonna track the macros rather. Than the calories because it's really. Important for me to get a lot of protein. And i know i'm not getting as much. Protein as i should so i'm gonna really. Try to work on that have like a. Healthier whole food giant i generally. Eat pretty healthy but i also really. Like to eat pasta so i'm just gonna try. To incorporate more vegetables into what. I'm eating along with the pasta so i've. Come up with a fitness plan for six. Weeks a meal. For six weeks i deleted my grocery list. Well come up with another hershey list. For the six weeks and i'm gonna try to. 

Stick to it and it kind of changes every. Other week so i don't get like bored out. Of my mind today i took some progress. Photos tomorrow 5:45 in the morning 5:45. In the morning i'm gonna wake up and go. To the gym and i'll bring you guys along. With me if i make it there and i'll try. To film as much of this as i can so. Today i'm meal prepping everything's. Really starting in tomorrow i have i. Think i have everything ready so i guess. I'll start filming the meal prep and. Then i'll have everything posted on my. Fitness instagram as well which is i. Already forgot because i don't use it so. If you're interested in following me on. My fitness and scram that is lydia's. Underscore lifestyle underscore and i'll. Put it somewhere on the screen and of. Course in the link down below so this of. Course has my like progress photos my. Meals my workouts and some like. Motivation i don't really use it so. Another one of my goals is to use it. More so i'm gonna use it throughout this. Process and i'm gonna film it okay i am. Meal prepping right now and i'll show. You what i've done so far so i have my. Carrots and hummus for a snack all. Measured out in the fridge i have some. Eggs that i've boiled for snack and i. Have some chicken that i'm marinating. That i'm about to cook so i did some. Salt and pepper. I added some trader joe's chili lime. Seasoning some garam i don't know how to. Brand this masala seasoning and to top. It all off a chili pepper sauce so i'm. Having this with like a southwest salad. So i figured if i put some like spice. And i almost like a taco spice and it. Should turn out pretty good. So it's 6:30 still dark outside but i'm. Up and i'm ready and i'm running. Slightly late so i'm gonna hurry up and. Go to the gym. Normally i wake up at 7 so this isn't. Like too terrible and i have a great. Workout so it's running a little late. But then i walked outside and found out. That the bus comes of the exact same. So the imputed. Everything was going so well today until. I forgot to defrost the chicken all. Right well i forgot to film a lot of day. One i got some of my workouts and at the. Gym on camera and i completely forgot to. Film any of my meals but i did put. Everything on my instagram page my. Fitness instagram page which i said. Earlier and the link will be below so. I'm usually more consistent with that. Because it's just pictures and i don't. Have to remember to film right now i'm. About to make dinner. I feel fine i was worried about like. Crashing and burning mean tired i did. Take a little too much pre-workout so. I'm not gonna do that tomorrow because i. Was like bouncing off the walls like did. Not need that much energy i have matt no. Crashing i'm not extremely tired i'm. Sure i will be later but i don't know i. Guess i'll go through what i ate today. So i had my pre-workout this morning in. Water of course went to gym had more. Water went to work had a protein shake. Which was okay i mean it's a protein. Shake there's not one that i really like. Love do you have any recommendations. Please let me know once i got to work at. Probably 10:30 i had breakfast which was. Oatmeal and blueberries and then for. Lunch i had a sriracha salad with some. Chicken that our meal preps that i told. You guys about last night for my snack. I had carrots and hummus and a. Hard-boiled egg i've parkville dex. Thankfully for dinner we're having a. Chicken zucchini tomatoes mozzarella and. A little bit of chickpea pasta but first. The chicken has to defrost young. Zucchini all right so here's dinner we. Have chicken pesto tomatoes mushrooms. And some mozzarella cheese chickpea. Pasta and zucchini and this is what it. Looks like all mixed together. All right so it is day two week one i. Forgot to wear my fitbit yesterday so at. Least i remembered that much i'm about. To go to the gym this morning is a. Little different because i have to go. Out on site today so i'm going to eat. Breakfast here once i get back and i'm. Really sore on the bright side city. Looks really pretty you're just waking. Up. My protein shake i'm that guy you know. That. But my workout again is late. I'm so out of breath i don't mind. Walking i like walking and it's not a. Far walk home let's put this hill. Wait it kills me every time i promise. It's super though it looks i'm back and. I'm already changed and ready ish for. The day the one thing that i did when i. Try was overnight oats i probably did. This wrong i used instant oatmeal and i. Put the fruit in before i don't know if. You're supposed to do that or not but. I'm gonna find out what i made and i. Just wrapped it up in my beets trap so. Okay that looks like oatmeal kind of. Watering yeah we'll see if it takes good. So after mixing it up the consistency is. Pretty good and now it's purple. Well it's been a while since i checked. In and that's because i got home from. Work at 10:30 i'm tired i just had. Dinner i was supposed to be in bed at. 10:30 it's 11 o'clock now and i'm just. Gonna take a bath and try to do the best. That i can. I'm really proud of myself i didn't. Break my macros i actually found a. Canola bar that would fit like right in. Everything so i was able to have that as. A snack to hold me over and i'm still. Gonna wake up and go to the gym tomorrow. In the morning and i'm still gonna get. My stuff ready tonight just gonna be a. Little tired but that's nothing a little. More coffee can fix hopefully there's. Still some snow on the ground. Well i missed my bus so i have to walk. To the gym i look really tired but i. Actually did end up sleeping in someone. I didn't go to bed on time but i have a. Meeting later today so i don't have to. Wake up this early but i'm doing it do. It there's still some snow. Okay i'm walking back from the gym now. Clearly looked a lot more awake and. Played and i had a pretty good workout. So one thing that i noticed was that. Even though i got to work really late. Last night i so went to the gym this. Morning and so went to the gym yesterday. But if i didn't go in the morning i. Probably wouldn't have been on to the. Gym at all that's a success already it's. Protein powders gonna go in on me. So bad hello it is friday i didn't film. Anything yesterday i think iphones made. Me like three seconds in the june. 

Yeah i didn't film yesterday because i. Did another like circuit training and so. Again i don't really have time in 30. Seconds to set up a camera and film. Everything and it's kind of awkward just. Having it there for like thirty minutes. So i skipped over that and then last. Night we had a girls night with grace. And christine. We ended up knitting and crocheting cute. Little pouches and nest for the. Australian wildlife they actually mean. It at the shelters that they're holding. Them in is like a cute little tiny pouch. For them to sleep in it's for koalas the. Possums bats birds all kinds of animals. Kangaroos so i'm gonna link that below. In the description if you're interested. In doing something like that it's a. Really fun craft the only thing is you. Have to ship it to australia some local. Wildlife foundations and spca's will. Actually ship it for you so it's a. Bigger shipment and it kind of like. Brings down the cost a little bit more. So it's just a fun thing to do that. Actually helps out without having to. Spend a lot of money because not. Everybody has millions of dollars to. Donate you might even have scrap yarn. That you can use to build it because. They're pretty tiny so i did not go to. The gym this morning because i ended up. Working really late on tuesday and today. I had to wake up really early to go to. Drive an hour out to do a site survey so. I'm not gonna go today i might go this. Afternoon when i get back home although. Probably be exhausted but i'll go. Saturday morning for sure to make up for. It and i might do yoga this afternoon. Just to give me a little something to do. It's kind of been an unusual week for me. In terms of my schedule so i'm not. Really being too hard on myself about. Not going every single day of the week i. Was planning on having a rest day on. Saturday anyway so i'm just kind of like. Substituting it all right so it's. Saturday i didn't end up doing yoga last. Night i ended up. Going to a half yard but you know what. I'm in my early 20s and that's what life. Is at this point but i didn't do so bad. I stuck to my plan despite that and then. I got home and i played sims and watched. Forensic files so it was pretty good. Night. So now saturday i was gonna go to the. Gym this morning and i slept in so jo. And i are gonna go before he has to go. To work and i just got this table from. Victoria's secret and i'm wearing my. Little lemon leggings thanks to my. Sister it's 70 degrees outside which. Should be worrisome but it feels nice so. I'm having a pretty good day. All right so it's sunday my week it's. About to finish up i went to the gym. Five out of seven days which is my goal. I hit my micros i may have cheated a. Little bit when i went out to have the. Arm product but you know what i'm some. Nothing in the deal all the rules that i. Made aren't like extremely strict i'm. Just trying to mainly follow through. With consistency at the gym so i hit. That goal and now i'm actually going to. A yoga class with one of my friends i'm. Editing this a few days later and we. Were late to the other class we missed. It and instead we got mexican food went. Shopping i'm gonna keep doing updates on. This channel again if you want more of. My meal plan and my workout planned go. Follow me on my fitness and screen which. Will be linked down below and then. You'll see all my other social medias be. Sure to subscribe and if you have any. Questions about anything that i may not. Have covered ask me about it but i'll. See you guys next week. 

Sacs Get Your Body Back 6 Week Challenge Copy 001 Jpg 1400 1000 Jeanette Jenkins 6 Week Challenge How I Lost Weight
Sacs Get Your Body Back 6 Week Challenge Copy 001 Jpg 1400 1000 Jeanette Jenkins 6 Week Challenge How I Lost Weight from

With our 6 week challenge tri phase. You will be surprised how your body and health will transform in a short time. With a new workout routine each day you ll target every body part to stay active burn calories and build lean muscle all over.

Lose weight with this 6 week workout plan that combines effective cardio and strength workouts into a killer routine.

Our 6 week fitness challenge starts monday march 25th 2019. In january 2018 the fit tutor is launching one of the most effective programs yet the 6 week sculpt it combines strength training to help sculpt and define your muscles cardio to help increase your fat loss and plyometrics to boost your metabolism and finally get the results you want. You will be surprised how your body and health will transform in a short time. Full body hiit workout easy cardio.

This page contains many images about 6 week fitness challenge. 6-Week Fitness Challenge I just put together a comprehensive program that will jumpstart your weight loss, cardiovascular and strength fitness in a month and a half. You will be surprised how your body and health will transform in a short time.. Our 6 Week Fresh Start program mixes high repetition training with cardio-conditioning circuits to target those stubborn areas of fat on the body and build strength. Our goal is for you to feel confident, strong, healthier, and have an improved mood with more energy, while building a new fitness routine into your daily life.. This 6 Week Challenge is the perfect jumpstart you need to make your goals a reality!. In January 2018, The Fit Tutor is launching one of the most effective programs yet, the 6 Week Sculpt.It combines strength training to help sculpt and define your muscles, cardio to help increase your fat loss, and plyometrics to boost your metabolism and finally get the results you want.. Your 6 week challenge will include workout videos, self love & confidence video coaching and warm up & stretching. Overview video which includes what to expect, how to plan your workouts and fundementials to get you started. 24 Gym and Home Circuts with video demonstration and instruction (with modifications provided). Sticking to a 6-week workout plan was hard, but I did it. Read about what I learned and how it can help you finish a fitness challenge, too..

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